After the emotional outburst there is always a time of solace. It is very strange that it always happens that way. Now speaking through sniffles Chayne thanks Carly for picking up the phone and apologizes for having such a tragic life. She says her goodbyes, sets her phone down and pulls down the sun visor in her car. Chayne is obsessed with her looks and reapplies her makeup several times a day. She uses so much make up she should have stock in Mac. The tears have smeared her perfectly applied make up and left a trail of black mascara down her cheek. Her eyes are blood shot and swollen from crying and her nose is running. Chayne opens her purse and pulls out her makeup bag also known as the ‘fashion first aid kit’. This is her therapy. When she removes her makeup she envisions herself wiping away all the deceptions and lies and darkness from her life. Once the darkness has been washed off she applies and fresh new face. She likens it to a mask being applied or better yet a shield.. “Right...” Starts Andy, pointing to the camera. “Tell the nice people at home – why do you WANT to get fucked by TWO dogs!”She turns toward camera and we get another frontal shot of her, the front of her dress plunging down to show off credit-card worthy cleavage as her mid-sized, but perfectly formed tits try to squeeze out. Taking a nervous breath and then smiling again before she speaks.“It’s really very simple ... I love porn ... I’m obsessed wi’ it ... I watch it all the time ... And I love to act out the scenes wi’ my boyfriend ... And I’ve watched a lot of dogsex videos – not just your show ... All that stuff on the internet too ... And there’s something about dogsex ... Just the way it looks, the noises the girls make ... It’s so brutal and fast ... And dirty ... It’s so much hotter than the other porn ... It’s animals!” She smiles again, a little flustered as she looks down and the German Shepherds and thinks about what she’s here to do... “And I always watch them and think.
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