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When the officer got to my door and looked at what I was doing he cleared his throat and took his sunglasses off. “Can I help you officer?” I smiled up at the best looking man I have ever seen. “Do you always drive like that?” he said moving closer to the car. “Every chance I get,” still rubbing my pussy so he can see. I dip my fingers in and get them wet with my juices and bring them to my mouth and lick them off. “Get out of the car please.” The officer says with a frown and opens my door. I frown as well and drop my leg from the dash to climb out. He grabs my arm to help me and halls me to the front of the car and forces me to lean over the hood. My skirt has fallen down where it should be and is just barely covering my ass. The officer runs his hands down my sides and back then moves down to my hips and legs. This feels so good to me I start to purr. His hands run down my legs and then up on the inside. His fingers run over my pussy feeling how wet I am and then suddenly. " She leaned towards me and we kissed.She looked down at my cock, which was now at its full size. "That's a nice piece of meat " she said, reaching over to stroke it expertly. She circled her thumb and forefinger just behind the rim of the head and squeezed. It seemed to grow larger and harder under the warmth and pressure of her smooth fingers.I put my arms about her shoulders and started to pull her into my arms, but she put a hand up against my chest and held me away."Slowly, Tony boy," she smiled, her blue eyes burning brightly into mine. "We've got plenty of time, and I want this to be very good. The Princess is out for four hours and we won't get many opportunities to fuck, so you must learn to make the best of these fortunate occasions and make them work for us."I relaxed, taking my arms from about her. I was quite willing to follow her lead; Rosa was something else! Her hands began caressing my body. "Lie down," she said. "Remember, I expect you to satisfy me properly. Now.
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