4 Square 2020 Hindi S01E01 11UpMovies Web Series

You look totally different with your hair like that.’ His slight Jersey accent made me smile. He gave me the once over and kind of smiled. I couldn’t help but blush. ‘You look pretty different yourself sir!’ His skin was a little bit darker than I had remembered, the curly mop of hair gone. In its place, a short buzz all around that was lightly hairsprayed (couldn’t help but notice. I’m a stylist). All roundness was gone from his face, replaced with a muscular jaw and higher cheek bones. Somewhere along the line, he got braces because his smile was perfectly white and straight. His flexing arms weren’t brawny, but toned, and the veins in his arms stuck out in a manly way that was hard not to look at. But the striking thing was, that his eyes were exactly the same color as they had been when he was younger, the same melty, golden brown as his mothers, only his was speckled with little green flecks. He must have caught me staring a little because he shifted uncomfortably. ‘So… can you. . “Listen, I hope you don’t mind, but we have a house guest right now. She’s another dancer who is auditioning for the company. She’s a little tight on cash right now, so we offered to let her stay with us for a few weeks. You’ll like her, she’s just your type!”I said, “Just my type, huh? And what, exactly, is my type according to you?” Melinda and Amanda were dancers with the PNB, Pacific Northwest Ballet, which explained their often crazy schedules. For weeks at a time they would be in rehearsal for one or another ballet, which meant that they could ride somewhat regularly, and then they would be in performances and not be able to ride for a couple of weeks. So far, it didn’t seem to be a problem, as they were incredibly fit and caught on to the training like they were born to it.“Well, let’s see,” said Amanda as they walked into the entry hall of their townhouse, “Victoria, or ‘Tori’ for short, is about my height and another dancer. Oh, and she’s all of nineteen and from Romania..
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