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”“You are shitting me, right?”“Nope... She said everything must be off before phase 3.”“Miles! My fingers are exhausted... Come on, let’s end this.”I pressed my watch button again.“The time is 10:27 pm.”“What? That late already. Miles...”“No. Mei said no. You almost finished your job. Don't give up now.”I groaned at his bossy attitude. I was tired of trying keys. I grabbed another from the good pile and inserted it in the last lock, totally depressed. Self-bondage was not that fun anymore. I let a long sigh out and turned the key.Click!“Wait! What?... Did it just open? No way!”I sensed around with my fingers and, indeed, the last lock was open. I took it off and undid the last ankle cuff and threw it away.“MILES! I DID IT!”“Already? Wow... You got lucky on that last one!”I climbed on top of Mei and started to hug her really hard. She returned the hug and patted my back. Apparently, she was happy for me too. I kind of wanted to kiss her, but her helmet prevented me from doing so. I ran. Hal didn't need her confirmation to know the truth of that."I wasn't perfect. That's for sure," he said to her. "Of course you weren't, either," he hastened to add.He thought for a second that he caught her laughing. He didn't say anything for several seconds. He just sat there, holding her hand. He thought about the many times he had been imperfect. His thoughts traveled to that night and day of mutual unfaithfulness, the agony it created. He wondered how little meaning the incident had for them at this time of their lives."I wish I hadn't thought of that." We did alright together," he assured her. "The kids turned out well. You were a wonderful mother."The last statement brought out another tear. Hal let this one run its full course, hoping that the feeling of the droplet reminded her of one joy or another that their children had brought them."Did I ever tell you that I thought that you look like Eve Marie Saint?" he asked her.He never had, and the new revelation brought a look of.
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