Super Hawt Randi Bhabhi Dancing Stripped Movie Scene

“You must sleep in your armour and keep a weapon within your reach, Bellissima,” Zevran insisted, presenting me with a long, thin dagger that he strapped to my forearm, underneath the leather of my armour.“What? Why? We’re hardly going to be attacked by bandits on the road with this big an entourage,” I laughed.“It’s not bandits I worry about,” Aedan growled darkly. He looked around and lowered his voice, leaning in closer. “You’re going to be travelling alone with a large group of armed soldiers, almost all of them men. If even one of them gets the wrong idea...”My mouth fell open in shock. Sheltered as my Earth upbringing had been, it had never occurred to me that I was at risk with my own sworn soldiers. I glanced nervously at a nearby campfire where six men sat playing cards. “You think ... one of them ... really?” I whispered.Zevran shrugged. “Not really. I have spent a bit of time getting to know them, yes? But the fact remains that you are a beautiful young woman, alone with. I stood up from the bed; I was little bit flimsy, but I made my way to the entrance. I opened the door and found there a young paramedic… a very young and handsome one.I let him in and asked to go with me to the master bedroom upstairs. He followed me; I was sure he was enjoying the rear sight from my hips and ass cheeks moving through the silk of my nightdress…In the middle of the stairs I almost fainted due to my weakness and the young paramedic moved quickly, taking me in his strong arms. He carried me to the bed and he lifted my nightdress over my head, leaving me fully naked.My nakedness made him groan, as my nipples had grown hard due to the contact with his strong and muscled body. They were visibly hardening as he looked at me; my own body was responding to his hungry look…He asked me to bend over my stomach, because he wanted to take my rectal temperature. I lay flat facing the white sheets, as I heard some noise as if somebody was undressing…Suddenly I felt the paramedic.
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