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.shit!"He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder, it felt like I had been toughed by electricity. I was feeling so embarrassed.He looked me right in the eyes again, a smile on his lips. "Lots of white women have this fantasy, you wouldn't be the first," he said.Before I could stop myself I replied, "It's not my fantasy, it's my husbands." Your husband wants you to try black?" I think so, he hasn't told me but I...." You what?"I looked around the shop, I realized that my other customer had left and we were alone by the fridge freezers. I had had my back to the wall and he was blocking me in."Tell me Rachel, what does your husband want." He has interracial porn on his computer, lots of videos and photos of black men with white women, cuckold videos of women humiliating their partners. I think that is what he wants." And what do you want," he asked me.I couldn't help myself, he was so close, he looked gorgeous and his aftershave smelt so good, I grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled. ..jesus Laura I forgot all about him. He's not going to strip is he. "How come?" Kyle continues to ask. "Well he is very very shy, has had issues at school and the like. Bit self conscious" Kyle clears his throat "Well we can fucking help you out like if it helps?" Kyle bends down and taps my shoulder, "Hey sleeping beauty..wake up" I start to stir and instantly confused by the whole matter. As my eyes adjust all I can see is some naked lad in front of me. I start to freak out seeing my parents declothed and two menacing looking lads naked. Kyle tries to reassure me, "Fuck sake mate dont freak out!" He gives the nod for mum to help."Slow down love. Its our fault. We walked onto a nudist beach, thats why we have to get like this. Its a £300 fine if we dont comply." I gingerly look around. "Bless him..he's still half asleep aint he" Liam adds.Dad explains the situation again but I feel fragile "I dont want to strip off...what if someone who I know sees" Liam jumps in now but his.
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