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Susan wanted to remember the laugh lines at the corners of his mouth. The crinkles at the corners of his eyes that got deeper when he smiled seemed important. The expressive, kind blue eyes seemed like a bottomless ocean that she could swim in forever. Her smile broadened as she felt the hard tube under her butt twitch and knew that she wasn't the only one excited.Susan nodded slowly and said, "Thank you Mr. Black." Her voice was so soft it was barely audible.Bill read her lips more than actually heard her words. He smiled too as he said, "You are welcome, honey,"Bill bent toward the young teen and gently kissed her forehead, each eye, and then her lips. The kiss on her lips was a tender expression of caring and exploration. It wasn't hurried or insistent passion. It was simply an expression of appreciation, love, and the promise of more to come.Bill broke the gentle kiss and sat up. He looked at the mother and daughters. Both daughters were bare from the waist up. Linda still had. "Eh, don't get me started," I've never done movies. Is it like this, where you just sit around a whole lot?" Yeah, pretty much. Only, if it's a long stretch of time, you don't have to be on set. That's the good thing. But for you Elisha, I think that it's really going to be a drag. Because Kim is in every episode, right?" Yes. Sometimes more than others," Elisha replied, somewhat surprised that Mia remembered her name.Mia nodded. "Mmmhmm. Yeah, you're going to have to find ways to pass the time I'm afraid. But hey, they are paying you one way or the other, you might as well make the most of it,"Mia walked through the trailer and towards the long mirror Elisha had been using to pleasure herself with before Mia's arrival. Running her hand through her hair and fixing her clothes, Mia called to Elisha."I know EXACTLY what you do to pass time too Elisha. You can't fool someone like me," Mia said, walking away from the mirror.Elisha's heart suddenly began to thud in her chest - had she.
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