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"I'm Becky," she introduced herself to me."I'm...Markie," I answered, glaring at Carol who was standing back andlaughing. "She's gonna pay for this," I muttered to myself.After we got candy from the man at the door, we went back to thesidewalk where Carol and her mom were waiting. "That is such anadorable costume," Carol told Becky."She likes witches," Becky's mom told Carol."Then she has good taste," Carol responded with a chuckle."Why don't we go together?" Becky's mom asked as she was gesturing downthe sidewalk. "It will be nice having some adult company while thegirls trick or treat." That's a great idea," Carol told her, giving me an amused look.We went to the next house with Becky and her mom and because of theirpresence I had no choice but to stay in character. Fortunately, Beckywasn't a bad kid and didn't get on my nerves like I'd feared at first."Last year I was Supergirl," Becky told me excitedly, her energy levelsuggesting that she'd already eaten some of her candy. . No young “at home” children for any of us, and we lived privately within our cliques. A normal week was a couple parties, and usually a couple dinner invites we all shared. I hung with 3 couples along with a couple divorced women, and we made a group of 9 who spent many hours together. Unless something was hidden from me, there was no hanky-panky between any of us. We ranged between 56 and 70 and that sexual tension that can exist, did not. I think we all lived by the old adage, “Don’t shit where you eat.”My closest friends Del and Marie had a 30-year-old son, who visited quite a bit with his fiancé, and they fit nicely with our bunch, but they knew their place. They made sure they didn’t horn in on our group of 9 forays. Nine was enough for any party, and certainly the max if you wanted to go out, 10 maybe, 11 was out.As the wedding approached for Marie’s son (from a 1st marriage) it became well known we would all be invited. It was going to be a fancy affair at a nationally known.
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