Babe In Fishnets Fucks So Good He Forgets To Pull Out - Almondbabe

"You stood in shock..."Are you who I think you are..." your voice quivered, hoping he wasn't."Indeed, I am. The Devil, at your service." He nodded his head, before returning his stare to you."Are you gonna kill me?" Certainly not, I never kill a client." he responded."Client?" you pondered, wondering what he was talking about."Yes, I heard your offer. Your soul for one sexual experience with Ms. Britney Spears. I have come to tell you that I would be willing to accept these terms." You're serious!?" Quite. Now do we have a deal." No." His eyes flared a bit at this, he looked like he was about to speak, but you cut him off,"I will sell you my soul, for some other conditions though." And WHAT would that be, boy?" He replied, sounding a bit annoyed."The ability to control the mind of anyone I want." You smirked. This was something you'd wanted your whole life.The devil sighed, staring at the ground, then raised his head, glaring at you. "That's the same thing everyone asks for, I don't. She casually tossed them away, noting how damp her little black nylon panties had become.Naked now except for the sheer black hold-ups and her heels, Carol Vorderman lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. She kicked her heels off and spread her legs wide. Carol moaned softly as she slowly and gently caressed her full breasts again. She worked her fingers down her body, to the neatly trimmed little black triangle of fine hair between her legs. She gave it a few strokes before finding the nub of her clitoris and the entrance to her tight little vagina. She began to gently rub away at it. Carol could feel her blood rushing, her clit was hardening again. Her sexual arousal was moistening her cunt, making her wet, getting her ready. She began probing her vagina gently, first working one finger in and out, then two fingers, then three. Thrusting away, urgently pounding into her tight little pussy. Carol could feel the warm wetness of her tight cunt coating her fingers as she rapidly.
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