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Many peoplesaid I looked just like my sisters, with the same hair and soft paleskin. Perhaps this atmosphere influenced me greater than I realized.When I was quite younger my sisters would dress me up in girls clothingand make me sit at their silly tea parties. Feminine milieu waseverywhere; bras, panties, stockings, dresses, hair brushes, blowdryers - anything and everything feminine were always scattered aroundthe house and in the laundry.After dad was gone and I was late in my teen years, I was alone oneday, a rarity, and tooling around in the basement. In the junk room Iwas looking for something, a baseball mitt or the like and stumbledinto a box of dad's old girlie magazines. For a boy it was like findinggold at the end of a rainbow. I perused a few of them and grabbed ahandful to head to my room to masturbate.As I was walking by the laundry room with my treasures I spied a fewbaskets of clean and dirty laundry. Something caught my eye. Out ofcuriosity I picked up a particularly. "We kissed again. I guided Joe's cock to my pussy. He pushed slightly and went in a bit. He waited. I took a deep breath."Okay, go," I said. He pushed. And went straight in. No pain, no blood.Later, thinking back, I realised I had broken my hymen horse-riding. But nevermind, the lack of blood or pain was not in my mind for long. What was long was Joe's cock. The full length of him was filling my vagina. I felt so full. It was incredible. He started to thrust. With every stroke I felt the fullness of his cock stroke against the whole of my vagina. Each thrust inwards was sensational, the filling feeling was breath-taking. His hot, thick cock filled me completely. He started to thrust faster and harder. He hugged me so tightly. I could feel his penis bulging, his helmet swelling, his shaft throbbing. I came. The thought of what was about to happen sent me on my second wave of ecstasy. My orgasm sent Joe sailing! He thrust twice and shot his load. Oh my god. How much cum did he have?! I.
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