Anjali Nude 3

I figured that Pooja didn’t know my wife had told me about Praveen’s interests. So I told Pooja that I was frustrated with the sex in my marriage because my wife didn’t enjoy giving blowjobs. I also told her that I really wanted to experience anal sex but my wife was refusing. I wanted to manipulate her into doing all those to me.Pooja stood up as if to leave so I stood up as well. I was expecting her to call the kids upstairs but, instead, she walked up to me and kissed me right on the lips. She then suggested that if I was willing to help relieve some of her frustrations, she would relieve some of mine!She began undoing my belt and pants, then pulled them down, knelt on the floor and took me in her mouth. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. But the attention to detail she was blowing me was beyond words.I was afraid the kids might run upstairs at any time but I couldn’t resist taking the risk. Before I got too aroused, I stood her up and pulled her shorts down to her. . And once again I saw her tanned body and hairless snatch. I focused, thinking of something else. Then it happened again, I saw her in bed, legs spread, young tits swaying as our father forced himself in and out of her. I focused harder, seeing my mom on her knees in front of me, looking into my eyes as she sucked the head of my dick. And once again it switched to Lacy, same image as before, only now it was ME on top of her, sawing my cock in and out of her. I tried to think of something else, but my mind wouldn’t let me, I was approaching orgasm, and this was the image my prick wanted to climax to. I kept stroking. I stopped resisting and focused on the sight of me fucking my sister. I was stroking faster.“HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!?!” Lacy yelled as she burst into my room.She threw the door open and jumped in, trying to startle me. It worked. I was completely naked and standing in the middle of my room. There was nothing within reach to cover up with, and even if there was, my eyes had.
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