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“I told you our boy can fuck,” Mom said proudly. “You’ve got more for your mother, right, Baby? Will you fuck my ass next, please?”“I can fuck you all night if you want, Mom,” Matt replied with equal pride.“If you think that’s impressive,” Dad said, “wait till you see what Clara can do.” He was focusing on my G-spot now. I panted and moaned in pure delight. He was stimulating me exactly the way I needed it. I screeched loudly, freely, when I felt my cum spewing forth. My slippery ejaculate splashed all over my dad’s face and wrist.“Wow,” Mom said. “Impressive, indeed. There’s so much I don’t know about you, Clara.”“Mom, will you eat my pussy?” I asked.“Yes, Baby, of course I will.”I sat on Mom’s pillow, my back against the headboard. She kissed and sucked my hooded clit while Matt resumed his ramming, this time shoving his cock into what I presumed was her asshole. I didn’t have to wonder long.“Fill your mom’s ass right up, Son,” said Dad. “That big cock of yours oughta do the. Everyone thinks of me as a Kashmiri but I’m not. So, all in all, I look decent enough. I don’t exactly have a huge cock, honestly.I haven’t ever measured it but it must be somewhere around 5 inches (Yes, there’s hope for us as well). Now, moving onto the real protagonist of this story, Megha, 27 years of age, a newly wed girl. She belonged to a not so rich family. Hence, my loser cousin was able to get married to her.Her height is 5 feet and 5.5 inches. She comes across as a slim but average looking girl. She has a wheatish skin complexion. Her boobs are 32C in size, with a waist size of 28-29. Not totally sure about her ass but it must be 34ish probably. She is a very shy girl, like most other newly married girls.Although she had gone to college, she is a very conservative kind of girl. They were married in December of 2016. I actually didn’t get the time to really check her out at the wedding because I was so busy with other stuff. Since they lived close to my college, I used to.
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