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”(To any that are going to complain about the urra crystal, it is my world, my story, my imagination. So hush.)Adora closed her mouth and sat quietly after that. ‘Here is a man of learning and power,’ she thought. ‘He is not attached but is not going to settle down for some time. I could learn from him maybe, become an apprentice.’ Adora looked Aston up and down, ‘He is well built and strong. I wonder if he as well fitted in the lower half.’ She slapped that thought down hard and went back to what she had been doing in helping hold the injured arm steady for Aston the work on.Aston covered the stitch’s again and rolled a fresh, clean hoof sock over them. “That should do it for now Andrew.” He smiled and was ready to duck, “You just need to learn how to duck better.”Andrew let his head fall back to the log and groaned at that remark. “Payback Aston, payback someday for that.” He was smiling so Aston knew Andrew wasn’t too mad at him. “Hey Aston, thanks.” Andrew sat back and looked and. I felt his hand cup my tit my nipple going hard, I groaned as he rubbed both breasts undoing my top and my bra as my tits fell out, his cock was hard and noticeable, he sucked my pink nipples making me cum, I begged for him to fuck me as he nodded he lifted me up and took me to his room,laying me down whilst he stripped his cock standig to attention, whilst I took my skirt and panties off I was dripping wet and hungry for cock.He got inbetween my legs I felt his cock push on my pussy lips I wiggled my hips and it slipped in as I groaned with pleasure, dad moved slowly it was unreal a huge cock sliding in and out of my young hole, i cum again and again begging for more until I felt dads cock thicken and twitch until he groand and poured his hot thick fluid into my pussy.As we lay in each others arms, I reached down to feel his cock sticky with my jucies I moved down the bed and started to suck his cock it tasted ok as I moved my head up and down he groaned saying it felt good as I felt.
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