Desi Pakistani Honeymoon

” She replied, taking a deep breath. “So I followed him into his house. Once we were inside his lounge he turned to face me with his flies open and his cock out, fully erect.”“Fucking hell, Beth!” I gasped. “What did you do?”“I froze,” she replied, “I’m so sorry, Mike but I froze. He was huge.” Beth again began to sob.“Let me pour us a glass of wine each, I think we both need a drink.” I said, getting up from the table.“Thanks, Mike,” she said, taking the glass from my hand before gulping half of it down.“Slow down.” I chuckled, bringing a little light to the situation.“Like I was saying, he was big, Mike, sorry to rub it in but he was. I just stood staring at it. I wasn’t aroused or anything like that, I was just shocked I guess.” She said, justifying her response.“Just how big are we talking exactly?” I desperately quizzed as my cock began stirring once more.“Porn star big,” she replied.We both laughed again before she went on.“Anyway, he stepped towards me ... and ...” Beth paused. And that for those like her who are unusually blessed, the price exacted is quite high. If you were to see her in London, getting out of a limo at the Dorchester Hotel or having a late dinner at Blakes, or you were to see her sitting and drinking tea at the Ritz in Paris, or perhaps at the Pierre in New York, you would have no idea of the acute fiery passions that raged beneath the haute couture veneer so elegantly displayed and readily embraced by those who gazed upon her. Mostly cool and reserved, looking very elegant, like most people you would see a woman of depth and sophistication, living her high style life devoid of the day to day challenges and fears faced by so many. The truth of the matter however, lies in the direction of the contrary. The woman who is so much in control of others, whose every whim is instantly indulged and catered to actually longs to exist at the margin. To be treated and used without regard for her wants and desires. She desires to be taken,.
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