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”“Trust me, you’ll feel much better after a short run,” he chuckled.Grudgingly, I dressed in my fatigues and boots, although I was glad to be out of the suit. Don was dressed the same way. He’d already called Ed who was, surprisingly, still at the museum. It took us nearly as long to get downstairs and through the lobby as it did to make the short jog to the museum. Don was right, again. I did feel better after the brief exertion.“How did you know that I’d feel better after a short jog?” I asked.“I had to suffer through a few ceremonies, too; although nothing as long or as elaborate as the one today,” he chuckled.Ed was waiting for us at the front door, along with someone in a white lab coat. The security guard at the door seemed a bit surprised to see the guy in the lab coat at the front door. “Jim, Don, this is Doctor Wilkers, head curator of the gem and mineral exhibit,” Ed introduced us.“That was you today!” the security guard exclaimed, pointing at me.“Guilty as charged,” I. We went into the bedroom to dry off, I put on a bath robe and laid on top of him playing with his chest hair, he gave me a piece of paper with a telephone number on it, “what’s this?” I asked, “it’s my mobile telephone number” he said, my heart leapt, I know that it doesn’t sound like much but to me it was like getting the crown jewels, it was a step closer to him, I thought that he did not want to give me his personal number because of the chance that I would pester him, but he apologised and said that he had intended to give me his number but got it mixed up with his home number blaming the lack of his glasses and saying the he should have gone to Specsavers, I slapped him hard for that quip, I sat up on him and he gently milked my breasts, I made a mental note to teach Andrew that trick, I liked it, I liked being treated like a cow, to have my tits sucked, as I moved on him I could feel his cock growing again, “I had better let Julia have a turn, she must be feeling a bit.
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