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Debra raised her eyes at me. She claimed she was not hungry."Something I picked up while I was in England. Eating french fries with tartar sauce is quite good, really," I said with a smile."Oh! You've been to England? How nice," Debra said sincerely."So, what brings you to my graduation?" I asked curiously."First, I want to say I didn't find out about your mothers death and funeral until weeks after it happened. I'm sorry; and I promise you, I would have come if I had known," she said earnestly.I nodded, confused by her feelings. What did it matter to her?"Second, I have been interested in you since I found out you lived so close. When your dad, our dad, left me that little insurance policy, I was shocked. My mother had always told me my biological father had died years ago," she said intently.I nodded again. So far this was something I could understand."I just recently discovered that my mother had been intercepting all letters from your, my father, from years ago. She did not want. Suddenly, before he had chance to answer there was a look of terror in his eyes and an instant later he was cuming, spurting stream after stream of cum onto my stomach and his thighs. He immediately started to apologise but I reassured him that it was only natural and started to massage his cum into my skin. I asked again about me staying naked and to my surprise said, if I stayed nude he would too. I stood up and suggested we go and join the others and Rob told me he’d follow once he’d cleaned himself up a little. I went into the living room and lay down on the sofa, with my feet dangling over the edge. Emma was on the sheepskin rug, face down by the fire with her arms raised up above her head. She turned her head calmly to look at me and simply smiled. Isabella had taken off her jeans, undone her blouse and was knelt between Emma’s feet, kissing the back of her thighs. I sat and watched her kiss higher, up to the base of Emma’s arse cheeks. My pussy began to throb and dribble as.
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