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From that day on, Larry continued to "initiate and educate" each of the female lambs born into the flock.Having satisfied his craving for sex in the field with the female lambs, Larry was curious to try something new. Why not fuck the male lambs as well? **Larry had a little black lamb that was particularly friendly. It followed him everywhere, baaing and braying for attention. Larry decided that it was time to try his new experience out on his little black lamb. He took the flock of sheep to the pasture and relaxed on the ground as they grazed, the little black lamb reclining next to him, asleep. Larry watched as the lamb breathed heavily in sleep. He reached over to stroke and caress his pet gently. As he did so, the lamb's penis began to slide out of its sheath. Larry watched as the lamb's penis got bigger and harder. It was quite large for such a little animal, almost 6 inches in length and the girth was about 2 inches in diameter. Larry continued to stroke and gently caress the. Sasha’s hand was on top of my arm and she was clutching onto the other one for dear life. I also realized my morning wood was poking her curvy ass. I was beginning to think she was waking up because her ass started to wiggle on my hard cock. I let out a slight moan as my cock poked her ass again. Just as I finished my moan, Sasha suddenly spun around and smiled. She gave me a quick peck on the lips.“Morning baby. Did you sleep well? I didn’t think I would, but I did. Then I woke up in your arms and something poking me.”“Um…. Yeah. Sorry about that.”“Don’t be sorry. I’m not. It let me know how you feel about me, at least a little anyway,” Sasha said before her hand slipped down my boxers. Her hand slowly stroked my cock. Sasha’s lips met mine, slowly and passionately. Our tongues intertwined; my hands caressed her face. Electricity surged between us as we continued kissing. Sasha pulled me up, so I was sitting on the couch. Sasha then climbed on my lap. We never stopped our.
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