Desi Village Girl Dance-2

I think the most expensive thing I ever did was to take her out for the evening after I had been gone for several weeks. She did not expect me home that week-end. So, it did catch her by surprise. One child was at camp and the other I farmed out to our neighbor for the night. Total cost? One phone call, on the expense account. Then on my drive home I planned it all out. My thoughts did make that 4 hour drive shorter.First, I stopped at a Fredrick's of Hollywood store and bought all new underwear for her. Then, I went across the mall and bought a new dress. Once home, I made my notes. The first was on the door as she came in the house. Telling her to remove all clothing and proceed to the bathroom. There she found another note, a lit candle and a hot bubble bath. After her bath she was to go into our room and wait for me to dress her. I let her have a few minutes to view all the new things laying on our bed. Then I entered with a glass of wine and a single red rose. After a lot of. I come to town and suprise her and ask her if she wants to go to the movies sometime and she says sure so i come by that night and pick her up and we start driving there and as soon as we are out of town she leans over and kisses me and i am so suprised i almost went off the rode. Then i looked over at her and she smiles and winkes and startes rubbing my leg and I start rubbing in between her legs and it was so hard for me to watch the rode. But we finally got there and i got out and opened her door and helped her out and kissed her and she whispered "im so wet" and smiled and we went into the theater and when we went to our movie there was no one there so we sat right in the middle with my arm around her and we started making out before the movie even started and she was back to rubbing my leg and i was rubbing her thigh and then she started unzipping my pants and pulled out my hard cock and she stopped for a second and said " looks like someone is really happy to see me" and.
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