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With that night our relationship took on a whole new light. After that night, I was touching him as much as I could and he was returning the favor.We continued with manual manipulation, never going any farther until we turned 20. Then one evening Bill asked me to marry him and I said yes. Bill had been working at a grocery chain store since he was 16 and had worked his way us way up to becoming a meat cutter. He was making good money and we started planning our life together. In June just three months before my 21st birthday, we were married.There were mixed emotions about the upcoming wedding night. Neither of us had ever seen the other completely naked. I was afraid that Bill would not be pleased with my body and also afraid that I wouldn't be able to draw close to his body. I was wrong; we were drawn to each other like two magnets. For that night, my mother had given me a white sheer negligee. I went to the bathroom to change while Bill climbed into bed. As I came into the room,. He opened it to make sure that the precious lamp hadn’t slipped out at some point along the way. Then he closed it again and stowed the pack under the bed. Jeff walked over to the wardrobe and opened the doors. He looked over the suits that Warwick had put in there for him. Jeff knew very little about men’s fashion, but the suits certainly looked expensive. He closed the wardrobe and walked over to the door he’d spied earlier. ‘Jesus, Warwick, you weren’t kidding! Ensuite… This place is bigger than my living room!’ Jeff said to himself. The bathroom was indeed grand, the wall tiles were the most pristine white that Jeff had ever seen outside of a showroom. It had a nice large counter with the sink only taking up maybe a quarter of it’s length, in the middle. It had both a bath and a shower (not a combo shower/bath) and, of course, a toilet. All the fixtures and taps looked golden, though they wouldn’t have been actual gold. ‘They can’t be THAT rich,’ Jeff thought. Jeff looked at the.
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