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Developing a taste for younger women too?”“Silly question. I’ve always had a taste for younger women ... or did you not notice that last night?”“Oh, I noticed. Reggie’s another one. Her parents should be beaten to death – slowly. A lot of the kids in school bear blame as well, but it started at home. Kids just reinforced what she heard every day of her life.”“I see her being much like Jackie in a few years.”“I hope so ... I can’t believe you gave up Jackie and Lisa!”“Didn’t want to, but Jason and his crew need them ... thought we were going to have to sedate Kelly though...”“I imagine so,” Galena replied, chuckling. “How’s Esther doing?”“There’s another one the world kicked the shit out of,” Harry said. “She’s comfortable with us, I think she’s gotten over being frightened we’ll hurt her or throw her away ... but in her dreams? No such security. About every other night now, a great improvement from several times a night, the nightmares come and in that moment when she wakes up? All. ” She looked up at me and smiled. “Thanks for last night.”I wondered how much she remembered. Did she assume she had made her way to bed herself? God, I hoped so.“I – I’ll leave you to it, then.” I touched my sister’s shoulder, nodded at an openly gazing Stephan, and left, legs quivering with exhaustion.On my way up the stairs to the shower I heard Vi’s muffled laugh behind me, responding to a muttered question. “You wish. No, he’s as straight as the original Adam.”Standing beneath the hot needle spray of the shower, my body finally started to unwind a little. Dried, warm, and relaxed, I mixed a protein smoothie and sat in the lounge with my feet up and Aurelius’ Meditations in my lap, ignoring my phone pinging in response to Violet’s updated Instagram feed. She walked through the room an hour later, freshly showered, back in her usual shorts and tank top. “I made your post-workout shake.” I pointed. “The fridge.”“You’re the best.” Taking her place on the arm of my chair, she brought.
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