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As the months passed, I grew accustomed to not having Annie around. I discovered that being single again had its advantages as well as its disadvantages. To my surprise I found that I enjoyed getting back into the dating game. Luckily my friends gave me my space and I didn't get set up on too many blind dates with a friend of a friend. I had the ability to pick and choose my companions, and I had a lot of fun.I don't think I was obnoxious with my dating. I generally went out with women from my own generation. I listened to Laura's advice and dated for fun. My criteria were based more on compatibility than sex appeal. I wanted to date women I could be comfortable with. I was looking for companionship. If I did share a bed with a date, it flowed from what had come before. I didn't go out, simply looking to get laid.I was up front with my dates on where my head was at. Although I was in better shape than most after my divorce, I wasn't in any hurry to jump back into a long-term. She was mumbling and I could tell she was under the influence of something and I didn’t think it was booze because most of those escort girls stayed away from the booze because it interfered with business. I figured she was doing some weed because it was so plentiful that the teenagers around town smoked it more than cigarettes. Strangely, one could get arrested for smoking a cigarette even in the street in our town but weed was considered not a problem because the state legislature had given it the full medicinal and recreational go-ahead with the word for all cops to keep hand off on the dope-smoking public.I remembered that she smelled of the weed, and that she needed a shower real bad because she must have been in a long session with more than one client and had that look of an exhausted cunt with lots of goo leaking out through her panties. It was enough to curb my appetite for the Whataburger and fries but I soldiered on bravely and stuffed another big bite down my throat.
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